Poligami, seks luar nikah dan anak luar nikah di Kanada

Jaksa di Kanada mengukuhkan undang-undang anti poligami. Di sisi lain tingkat kelahiran luar nikah di Kanada adalah 25% dan hubungan seks luar nikah menurut survei di perguruan tinggi di Kanada antara 75~90%


  • Keputusan Jaksa Kanada tentang poligami:
  • Kelahiran luar nikah di Kanada dapat dilihat di OECD Family Database atau dari grafik kelahiran luar nikah negara OECD
  • Tingkat perzinahan di berbagai negara:
  • Survei tentang hubungan seks luar nikah di Kanada ; Kutipannya sebagai berikut:

    "Most of the research on premarital or non-marital sexual activity of single Canadian adults has been done on university students. The Canada Youth and AIDS Study reported that about 77 percent of men and 73 percent of women in college/university had experienced intercourse, 68 percent of males and 64 percent of females had engaged in oral sex, and 14 percent of males and 16 percent of females had at least one experience of anal sex. Among those who had had intercourse, 23 percent of the females and 15 percent of the males said they had only ever had one partner (two partners, 9 percent for males, 15 percent for females; three to five partners, 28 percent for males, 35 percent for females; six to ten partners, 22 percent for males, 17 percent for females; and eleven or more partners, 27 percent for males, 11 percent for females) (King et al. 1988). About 7 to 8 percent of both sexes reported having had a sexually transmitted disease (King et al. 1988). These findings are for first-year university students and probably underestimate the average experience of students in all years.

    In the most recent review of sexual behavior of college students in Quebec (1 to 2 years younger on average than university students), Samson et al. (1996) reported that 76 percent had ever had intercourse. Within this group, 9 to 14 percent reported experience of anal sex, 8 percent same-sex contacts, and 27 to 42 percent had 4 or more partners. For university students (Otis 1996), 86 to 90 percent had sexual intercourse, 18 percent had anal sexual contact, and 35 percent had 5 or more partners. In a study of anglophone and francophone university students (N = 1,450 men and women from four universities in Montreal), Lévy et al. (1993) found that 88 percent of French-speaking versus 81.5 percent of English-speaking men had had intercourse at least once; the values for females were 88 percent versus 74.5 percent. While the sexes did not differ within language groups, French-speaking women were significantly more likely to have had intercourse than English-speaking women. This was also true for oral sex experience (86 percent vs. 79.2 percent in French-speaking vs. English-speaking men; 85.4 percent vs. 73.1 percent in French-speaking vs. English-speaking women)."


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